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Self Guided Itinerary Development & Booking

After more than a decade of guiding adventure tours and creating relationships with operators and accommodations on the ground, Thrive Adventures is uniquely qualified to develop custom itineraries for travelers. Though we believe guided adventure tours are the best way to maximize your travel experience, we also understand that there are benefits to experiencing cultures and terrain on your own.

Our signature, transparent process focuses on your interests and not our commission. Each package comes with a cost spreadsheet that is updated as your itinerary is developed so you know where every dollar will be spent before you spend it. Transparency in booking isn’t something you see in this industry, and package prices allow travel agents to mark up prices as they see fit. Thrive Adventures is different. Our one time-fee allows us to develop itineraries centered on the traveler, not centered on commission.

We are as flexible as you need us to be, and Itinerary Development packages include customized online maps, a logistical itinerary spreadsheet, written itinerary, and a cost spreadsheet to track spending. Booking options include fee-based or commission sharing. All documents and maps are shareable online so you can see progress and be involved as we work together.

At a glance… 

    • Expert international adventure tour guide – over a decade of knowledge, experience, and connections
    • Transparent itinerary development and booking is fee based, not commission based
    • Our one-time fee ensures our focus is creating your perfect vacation


Self Guided Itinerary Development:
  • $400 for the first week
  • $100 per additional week
Self Guided Itinerary Booking:
  • $100 per person for the first week
  • $50 per additional week
**We do not mark up or take a commission on Self Guided Bookings**

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Creating customized adventure tours on an international level requires a great deal of organization, research, and local knowledge. Our Self Guided Itinerary Development & Booking packages allow you to tap into our knowledge and expertise by customizing an itinerary built to your travel style with completely transparent cost and commission sharing.  

Our Self Guided Itinerary Development and Self Guided Itinerary Bookings both have a one-time cost. No matter how many people are traveling, Self Guided Itinerary Development is $400 for the first week of development and $100 per additional week. We do not mark up or take a commission on Self Guided Bookings. In fact, we acquire agent/operator rates and pass the savings on to you. Self Guided Itinerary Booking is $100 per person for the first week and $50 per additional week.

Included in your Self Guided Itinerary Development package is a fully detailed itinerary with up to 2 revision opportunities. Content within your itinerary will include driving times, activity suggestions, cuisine ideas, accommodation recommendations and approximate costs for all of the above. Phone numbers, addresses, check in/out times, reception hours, and activity details will accompany relevant sections. We will also provide you with customized online maps.

We believe an adventurous spirit and a wonder for this glorious Earth lies within each of us. Together, let us set yours free.

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