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Al Macdonald


Al got his start guiding for a University travel-study company in New Zealand and Australia. On the banks of the Mississippi river in Minnesota he graduated from Winona State University in 2006 with a degree in Recreation and Adventure Tourism, and has been guiding ever since. He has a love for outdoor adventure sports and a belief that being active and pushing your boundaries inevitably enhances your life.

His passion lies in the people he guides, and he will continue to guide for a lifetime in order to see the endlessly rewarding looks on the faces of new travelers as they stand in awe of the beauty and power of their surroundings.

The idea for Thrive Adventures came one evening in 2009, in the desert of Iraq. Al and his wife, Jen, were deployed there with the Minnesota Army National Guard, and sat in their Containerized Housing Unit pondering Al’s future in the adventure tourism industry. Al decided he wanted to build a company that would offer not just travel, but personalized travel experiences to fulfill, diversify, and create joy for travelers in the years to come. A contractor on the Army base had mentioned to Jen earlier that day, “You see, no matter where you are in the world, you gotta’ do more than just live. You gotta’ thrive.” Jen relayed the story, and in 2011, Thrive Adventures was born.

Since then Thrive Adventures has expanded to provide adventure tours in Peru and Costa Rica with Tanzania, Iceland, Patagonia, and Switzerland on the horizon. Keep an eye out for future adventure tour itineraries.


Sam Kurachek


Sam is an up-for-anything adventure seeker who loves the outdoors. Minnesota-born and thus privileged to enjoy winter sports and activities, he has learned never to take nice days for granted. He graduated college with a B.S. in Engineering (Chemical Engineer with an Environmental concentration) and is certified as a Wilderness-EMT. He loves helping people and doing his part to protect the environment, and is constantly striving to improve his ability to do both.  In his spare time, he enjoys fly-fishing, kayaking, backpacking, hiking, black labs, and any type of food – especially cheese!

He has tramped all over the US, summiting fourteeners in CO, surfing Ocrakoke and California, and backpacking or camping in just about every state from the Midwest to the Pacific.


Col. Leonard Kloeber Jr


Col. Leonard Kloeber Jr, author of VICTORY PRINCIPLES: Leadership Lessons from D-Day, is an alumnus of the US Military Academy at West Point and the US Army General Staff Officer Course with additional MBA and law degrees. He has extensive hands-on experience as a leader in both the military and the business world, which he uses to help people and organizations maximize their potential and performance. He has over twenty years of front-line management experience in operations and business development, and more recently, nine years experience as senior human resources executive for a Fortune 100 multi-national company.

His military career includes over 31 years experience in command and staff positions in a variety of military organizations at the company, battalion, and brigade level, and he has held a variety of Senior General Staff positions as a G-1 (personnel officer), Chief of Staff, and Inspector General.


Throughout his career, he has been a mentor and coach to subordinates and has personally led a variety of workshops and training sessions. He now writes, speaks, and consults with individuals and organizations on leadership and performance optimization, and is a renowned expert on the history of D-Day and World War II. His Staff Rides focus on historical events and principles that, once, learned, will propel participants forward in their lives and careers today.


Leadership Adventure – Battlefield Staff Ride of the Beaches of Normandy


To contact Col. Kloeber, simply send an email to, or visit to complete a contact form. For his recently published book, based on a Staff Ride of the D-Day invasion of France during WWII, visit


Carol J. Anderson, Ph.D


Carol Anderson is a former Dean of Education and special education teacher in schools and universities across Connecticut, Utah, Wyoming, Missouri, and Minnesota. At all levels of education – elementary, secondary, and collegiate –  she has devoted her career to helping others find their unique ways of learning and being. After 30 years as an educator, she followed her calling to reach individuals beyond the educational system, and founded Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life.


Grounded in the premise that each person has a unique path and purpose in life, she now coaches, guides, and mentors individuals toward finding new ways of living from deep inner wisdom.  She believes the “second half of life” is not and age but a way of seeing life.

“There comes a time in the middle of life when what was once important, true, satisfying and fulfilling is no longer enough… when meaning is more important than ambition… when authenticity is worth more than approval… when what you long for has more value than money… when the terrain ahead begins to feel unfamiliar and calls to be explored… when there is no way back and no way out but to go through. In this there is an invitation to find where the intimacy of your heart touches the world. It is an invitation to find your own unique way and learn from your own life experiences to create a life that is true for you.”


Wellness Adventures with Carol Anderson
Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life | Peru, Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley
Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life | New Zealand, South Island


To contact Carol Anderson, simply send an email to or visit for more information.

We believe an adventurous spirit and a wonder for this glorious Earth lies within each of us. Together, let us set yours free.

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